Cathcart Strategic Advisers

Cathcart Strategic Advisers is a San Francisco-based investment and executive management consulting firm that specializes in advising startups and emerging growth businesses in the fields of technology, entertainment, and consumer products. Founder and CEO Scott Cathcart brings more than 20 years as a multi-national business executive to promising startups needing leadership in global business development, strategy, corporate finance, capital raising, restructuring, advertising, marketing, sales, technology development, and major new product launches.

Cathcart Strategic Advisers designs and deploys bespoke executive management and operational teams that scale up or down depending on the unique strategic and functional requirements of its clients and their individual business units.


As a National Outdoor Leadership School alumnus, and a CEO with his own experience in the startup world, Scott Cathcart knows the critical role that group leadership plays in every environment. Scott and his team are able to use personal professional experience to help startup CEOs and founders find their way through the demanding, arduous, yet very fulfilling path to entrepreneurial success.

Deal Negotiations

Negotiating complex commercial deals and resolving intricate conflicts takes experience, perception, and a deft touch. Cathcart Strategic Advisers has the acumen to deliver them, whether they need to be applied to internal, external, international and/or domestic business issues, and to ultimately lead the parties involved to deals, however complex they may be.

Specialized Services

Specialized services offered by Cathcart Strategic Advisers include: entrepreneurial venture ideation and incubation; company, brand, and product marketing; equity, convertible, and secured debt capital raises; new product development; international product launches, and; multi-national strategic partnerships.

Founder and CEO Scott Cathcart believes that there are a handful of common traits that link success in family, business, and athletics: leadership, vision, drive, dedication, perseverance, compassion, and courage.

Scott and Cathcart Strategic Advisers seek to embody all of these key characteristics, and breathe them into the foundation and culture of the startups they help to build.

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