Scott Cathcart

Triathlons & Other Adventures

“Competitive triathletes and great startup leaders have a lot in common – they are focused, well-prepared for multiple events, can recover from disappointments and adversity, are quick to respond, and they are prepared to give it absolutely everything they’ve got, every time.”

      – Scott Cathcart


…is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Scott Cathcart has been consistently training and racing as a competitive endurance athlete for more than two decades. When his kids were very young, after each race they’d very cutely ask him if he had won – he hadn’t, and still hasn’t – but he keeps pushing himself.

Scott’s favorite race is the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco, which is widely regarded as one of the most challenging triathlon courses in the world. As of 2022, Scott has finished 25 consecutive Escape from Alcatraz Triathlons – completing every race that has been held since 1997.

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