It’s incredibly frustrating to be going strong on your fitness routine only to be set back by an injury. When you come back to the gym, it’s tempting to go full out. You want to jump back into your same routine where you left off as quickly as possible.

However, your body has changed from the injury, and so your routine must as well. At least for a while. You need to meet your body where it’s at and work with it to reach new heights. It can help the mindset to see this setback as an opportunity to take a closer look at ways to build strength and flexibility so you can avoid future injuries and improve your overall fitness.

With that in mind, let’s go over some tips for recovering and rebuilding with exercise after an injury.

Check-In With a Medical Professional

Even on an injury that seems small to you, it’s best to check in with a medical professional to get the all-clear before you begin working out again. The worst thing would be to reinjure yourself and have to take more time resting to heal.

Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer Or Physical Therapist

You can work with them to create a customized workout plan. This will help you stay on track to scale up at appropriate intervals and build your fitness where you need to most.

Go Over Your Diet

Whenever you are changing your workout plan, you have an excellent opportunity to revisit your diet. Are you eating nutrient-packed food that will help you with your recovery? The right proteins to help you build muscle? Visiting a nutritionist or taking to your personal trainer or physical therapist about this is another great opportunity for personalized advice.

Don’t Be Afraid To Slow Down After You Get Started

Recovery is not always a straight line. It requires patience with your body. Always keep in mind that for a while, fitness after an injury may mean that you test your limits and find that you have to pull back for a time. That’s okay. Continue to build and trust that with consistent effort, you’ll recover soon.